XS Purge Series

(pat. 5,632,822 pat. 5,701,922 pat. 5,854,190)


A zero VOC, zero HAPS water reducible solution designed to replace solvents that are commonly used during paint line purge and color change operations. XS solutions are a combination of surfactants and surfactant builders that lift, emulsify, and remove solventborne paint from paint supply lines and application equipment.

The multi-surfactant solution is supplied as a concentrate and then reduced with tap water and heated to the desired strength and temperature for the application. The XS solutions, when applied correctly, will replace familiar solvents such as NIEK, Xylene, Toluene, Acetone and other common solvents that are used for paint line purge and color change operations. XS solutions can be used with most any solvent-borne coating that is applied with conventional or electrostatic equipment. XS solutions have no VOC or HAPS ingredients and have no flash point.

XS solutions work in a distinct method that is unlike the use of solvents. Solvents effect a line purge by blending with and reducing the chemical properties of paints, allowing them to flow freely. XS solutions utilize much of the same surfactants commonly employed as leveling agents in paints. These surfactants combined with specialized surfactant builders, shear and lift paints from the surface of the purge lines and application equipment.

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Some of the applications for which XS solutions are most effective:

• Reducing operating cost due to XS solutions' water reducible characteristics.
• Eliminating plant VOC/HAPS emissions and operator exposure to hazardous chemicals during a paint-line purge operation.
• Eliminating highly flammable and dangerous solvents from purge operations.
• Flushing paint circulation lines, valves, pumps, regulators, etc. for general equipment maintenance.

For speed and efficiency the following guidelines are recommended:

- Solution reduction range
  1 to 3 parts XS solution to 10 parts water.
(See the PP-15 process tank)
- Solution temperature range
  140 to 160 °F supply temperature.
(See the PP-15 process tank)
- Solution pressure range
  60 to 100 psi supply pressure.
- Purge air pressure range
  60 to 100 psi purge air supply.
XS product choices... XS-790 (High pH)...XS-2000 or XS-2000P (Low pH)--
Ask your sales representative for guidance as to the best product for your application