Paint Line Products

Acrastrip 600 BGM (Military)—A HAPS free, non flammable and non-toxic blend of surface active wetting agents, and non-regulated solvents which is 88-94% VOC free in the prepared solution. AS-600 BGM is water- reducible rendering it a cost saver versus most hazardous solvents. This particular Acrastrip blend was developed for line, gun and pressure pot purging of military coatings such as CARC paints. AS-600 BGM replaces MEK in these applications but can also be used as a wipe-up solution as well as a floor cleaner.

Acrastrip 600 BGM (Automotive)—Also a HAPS free, non-flammable, water dilutable, blend with all of the other features listed above. This formula is manufactured with a higher surfactant content for purging automotive one part and two part coatings including base, prime, and clear coatings in electrostatic and non-electrostatic application equipment at ambient temperatures. Replaces Xylene, Toluene, and other hazardous solvent blends.
Choose the Acrastrip 600 BGM (Automotive) for all general paint-line applications as well.

Polychem 36 An aqueous formulation which combines the very best in surfactant and detergent builder technology with safe high strength solvents -- HAP FREE! Polychem 36 is used in paint kitchens and paint booths for clean-up as well as an all purpose floor and equipment cleaner. It can be used at 5-33% strengths (mixed with water) Very economical.

XS-2000A VOC, and HAPS free formulation for line purging and pump flushing. The XS-2000 is used in conjunction with the Polychem PP-15 dilution and heating equipment in order to provide a heated line purge solution.(XS-2000 is recommended to be used at 130-150 degrees F) The XS-2000 is most effective on single component paints in the polyester, high solids family. The high surfactant and detergent builders eliminate the need for solvents such as Xylene. The water reducible feature makes the Xs-2000 more cost effective than most solvents or solvent blends.

XS-2000PA low foaming version of above, this formulation is recommended where water wash booths are used for capturing paint over spray

XS-790A higher pH version of the XS-2000P.