General Industrial Products

Water-Based Paint Flush and Resin Strippers AcraStrip®
A full line of Semi-aqueous solutions For the fiberglass and the paint and coatings industries.
Asphalt Liftoff Asphalt Liftoff Bio-based Cleaner designed to remove asphalt and tar.
Water-based Spray Wash Solutions
Low pH, mid pH, high pH alkaline cleaners
Aqueous Immersion Cleaners
A full line for all substrates in agitating, soak, and heated ultrasonic cleaning systems
Jewelry and Electroplating Cleaning Products
Water-based solutions for ultrasonic jewelry cleaning, Soak and tumbling, and brass cleaning
All Purpose Water-based Degreaser and Cleaner

ST-21® Economical product for floor scrubbers, steam cleaning, and simple wipe applications. [ST-21 spec sheet]

Safety Solvents
A full line of non-chlorinated solvents for degreasing tar, resin, adhesive and rubber cement removal
Parts Cleaning Equipment
A full line of table top ultrasonic systems
Water-based Rust Inhibitor
C-800  The non-toxic rinse water additive line. [C-800 spec sheet]
Acid Wash for Chloride, Oil and Rust
Foxbond phosphoric wash solutions
Anti Weld Spatter Release Agents
Aqua-Spat® is a full line of anti-spatter products for all welding applications. [Aqua-Spat specs]
Oil Spill Dispersant
Dispersit® for salt- and fresh-water spills [All about Dispersit]
Green Aqueous Degreaser
Zilch biodegradable cleaner for any type of surface [Zilch spec sheet]
Non-fuming Acid for Cleaning and Brightening
AcidSafe is a non-fuming cleaner used for descaling, brightening and cleaning of floors, tubs and tiles [AcidSafe spec sheet]