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Phasing AcraStrip in Your Plant

There are several applications where AcraStrip can be used. The highest volume area being the paint line purge. This will require testing and a few programming changes. These tests and changes to the process can often take time. It is recommended while these changes/tests are being made that some of the easier solvent replacement procedures be trailed.

Requires a saturated rag of the solution with areas identified as typical tasks by the user. This may include wiping down guns, hoses and other paint-laden substrates. AcraStrip also works very well on wiping down glass windows and doors in a paint booth. (Recommended dilution 2 parts water, 1 part AcraStrip)

   Paint Stripping
When the paint is actually dried on/cured, it usually requires full immersion of that part in the AcraStrip. The solution should be made at 1-1 with water. Fast acting stripping will take place when you heat the solution to 150-165 degrees F. Longer soak times will enable you to use the solution at ambient temperatures. Especially in 2K coatings applications, parts integral to plural component metering systems (Valves, integrators, meters, Etc.) can be immersed in the AcraStrip and revitalized quite readily. AcraStrip can also be used to strip re-work, booth grates, hooks, racks, and jigs replacing off-site burn-off applications in many cases. (Dilute the AcraStrip 1-1 for the stripping applications)

   Test Procedure
Add 2 gallons of AcraStrip and two gallons of water to a clean 5 gallon pail. (For acceleration, it is recommended that you heat the solution to 150 degrees F) Submerge a few test parts in the solution, checking them every 15 minutes. It may require an air blast or some other mechanical activity to thoroughly remove the coating. (AcraStrip is available in jell form for stripping vertical surfaces!)

   Gun Cleaning
AcraStrip works very well in gun washing systems as well as manual cup gun cleaning applications. It is recommended in a gun washing system that a screen, filter, or strainer be added to the suction side of the pump. (Use at 1-1 with water, ambient temperatures)

   Pump Flushing
In most applications, the AcraStrip can be used at 10-20% solution strengths for this application. (10% if heated to 140 degrees F, 20% if used at ambient temperatures)

Wipe off the in-take/suction tube of the pump, remove all filter media, submerge the tube in an ample supply of the diluted AcraStrip solution and flush the pump at no less than 65 PSI. Ideally, an air purge should follow into the paint line when possible. This will insure total evacuation of the solution prior to charging the line with the next coating. Occasionally you may run into a system that is "locked up" due to poor maintenance, Etc. In this application, use the AcraStrip at 1-1 with water, heated to 160 degrees F. Continually circulate the solution through the pump and line, filtering the hardened paint through a bag filter at the discharge.